Will any trees be removed during the proposed playground construction?

    One small, non-native tree is proposed to be removed but will be replaced with over 10 new native trees. All existing native trees and vegetation will be retained and protected to enhance the existing natural character and vegetation of Frank Nichols Reserve.

    Will the playground have lighting?

    No new lighting is intended to be installed as part of the playground works, however any existing lighting in and around the park will remain.

    Will there by pathways?

    The first stage of a new loop pathway will be installed to provide a walking trail around the northern edge of the park connecting the new senior play space with the car park at Lilley Road. (A later stage is intended to complete the loop extending the walking trail to the southern perimeter of the park subject to future funding).

    Will any of the existing play equipment be removed?

    Due to some of the existing play equipment becoming unserviceable with age, Council will be removing these play items and replacing them with a new piece of play equipment.

    Why don't we leave things as they are?

    As high-density living increases, never before has it been so important for members of the community to have access to open green space and parks.

    Are there any upgrades happening to the Dog Park?

    Council will not be undertaking works within this area of the park.