Having your say on the proposed Local Laws is simple

Council is now calling for community feedback on our proposed Local Laws.

During the submissions periods, we invite you to share with us your support of, or objection, to the proposed laws or any parts within them.

Council will consider all the feedback before they are finalised for Council consideration and adoption.

Please carefully read the proposed Local Law and its Explanatory Notes prior to preparing your submission (return to main page to access these).

To ensure your submission is properly made it must:
  • be made to Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • identify the proposed Local Law you are commenting on
  • state the grounds of the submission and the supporting facts and circumstances, i.e., why you support or dispute the proposed local law
  • be received by Council on or before 5.00pm on the day the submissions period closes for that proposed Local Law
  • include your name, email and/or postage address if you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the law.

Submissions can be lodged:

Any personal information provided in your submission will be used by Moreton Bay Regional Council in consideration of your submission, to contact you about your submission (where necessary) and to provide you with updates about the Local Laws Review Project.

We will report back to the community via the Queensland Government Gazette, our website and other Council communication channels the outcomes of the Local Laws Review project.