Council is undertaking the master planning of Lindsay Road Sportsground. With growing demand and projected population growth to the area, we wish to understand how the site can be best used to meet current and future community needs.

The site is currently used for cricket, hockey and dog training, and has the capacity to accommodate additional local sporting programs.

The master plan will provide a planning and design framework for the future development and enhancement of Lindsay Road Sportsground. It aims to:

  • Cater for current and future sports and recreation demands for the local and regional area based on current demand and trends
  • Provide a framework for built infrastructure that supports sporting activity and recreational needs based on future demand
  • Encourage informal recreation activities for locals
  • Create safe access through and to Lindsay Road Sportsground
  • Promote the natural environment, sustainable development and practicable maintenance regimes.

As part of this, Council is undertaking thorough site research including geotech investigations, detailed services analysis and concept design (hydraulic and electrical), integrated traffic assessment and environmental assessment.

Have your say!

Council is seeking stakeholder and community input to gain an understanding of the needs, gaps and opportunities in relation to the master planning of the site. This will ensure the aspirations of the communities help to shape the master plan.

We met with the existing sports organisations and businesses in early 2022 to understand how the space is currently used. These insights will help inform the plans, which will be released to the community once they are drafted.

Council will invite feedback into various stages of the project throughout the planning phase.

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