Welcome to the Schools and Local Government Learning Hub!

This is a place where students and teachers can interact with tools, information and resources to learn more about the role of Local Government in our communities.

How to use the tools and resources on the hub:

  1. Click on each activity in the documents section to download and print
  2. Use the 'Quick Poll' tool to tell us how much you think you know about Local Government
  3. Use the 'Places' tool to drop a pin on the map showing the location of your school
  4. Use the 'Ideas' tool to tell us your BIG ideas for change

Most importantly.... have FUN breaking down all the important themes you learn about here with class peers, teachers, friends and family.

For further information or to request help navigating the hub, contact Council's Community Engagement team at YourSay@moretonbay.qld.gov.au.



Your BIG ideas for change