The benefits of recreation and physical activity including economic, social and environmental benefits are well documented. As the lead service provider in our communities, Council has a significant role to play in providing access to recreation opportunities. Council has invested heavily in conventional recreation facilities such as sporting facilities, however, as new trends emerge, it is important that Council adapts its planning to meet the expectations of our communities.

In relation to physical activity in Australia, the largest growing trend is outdoor recreation. Outdoor recreation comprises activities that take place in natural areas and includes activities such as bush walking, mountain biking, horse riding, water activities and more.

Council’s Outdoor Recreation Plan 2019 outlines a long-term vision and provides recommendations for the planning and development of outdoor recreation opportunities within Moreton Bay Region over the next 20 years.

It identifies the current outdoor recreation offering within the region, and opportunities to enhance and improve the experience for users. It also provides opportunities to strengthen partnerships with land owners, land managers and community groups to support outdoor recreation into the future.

View the plan here.

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Council values the importance of keeping the community involved in the planning of new and upcoming projects to ensure quality outcomes that consider the needs and values of the surrounding neighborhood. As such, Council is committed to providing equitable opportunities for everyone to be involved through Community Consultation. We encourage any with interest in Outdoor Recreation to register your details so we can contact you about projects in your area.

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