Testing to confirm building condition

17 June 2022

Council has now commissioned independent experts, Covey Associates, to undertake both non-invasive and invasive testing to validate and be absolutely sure of the significance of the deterioration of the buildings’ structural elements. As part of their scope of work, the commissioned team will design, specify, implement and supervise a comprehensive investigation.

Council invited thirteen suitably qualified and experienced structural engineers/consultancies to submit tenders for the work. Covey Associates’ tender was accepted by Council after an evaluation process that considered price and non-price criteria including their:

  • qualifications
  • proposed methodology to avoid further damage to the already deteriorated buildings
  • experience including working with heritage buildings in marine environments.

The comprehensive building testing will take time. We expect to have the final results of the testing in 2023. Throughout the testing period, Covey Associates will be providing Council with progress reporting. We will share updates with the community via the project website as the testing progresses.