The Beachmere shoreline is a highly modified environment with buildings, roads and seawalls which impact the ability of the beach to naturally recover after severe weather and erosion events. Some Beachmere property owners have told Council they would like to build a seawall to protect their property from erosion.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has commenced planning an alignment for private seawalls at Beachmere. This will allow property owners to obtain development approvals to install permanent seawalls along an endorsed alignment. This alignment is referred to as an “A-Line”.

Consistent seawall design and alignment achieves better erosion control results and minimises ongoing maintenance. This can also be achieved through a shared structure across neighbouring properties.

Your property may not require a seawall if it is clear that natural features, such as dunes and beach build up, are providing sufficient property protection.

The need to develop an A-Line at Beachmere was identified in Council’s Northern Moreton Bay Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (2014) (SEMP). The SEMP also identified potential benefits from additional vegetation management at the northern end of the Beachmere foreshore.

Important project update

Thank you to those property owners who joined us for online workshops on Saturday 27 November to discuss the proposed Beachmere Shoreline Management approach. We’ve listened to you and are considering the following as we continue our planning:

  • Property owners want choice and control over how they manage their section of the foreshore, including choosing to either build a seawall or maintain natural dunes and vegetation
  • Remnant vegetation, particularly mangroves, needs to be protected
  • Unsafe seawalls that present a risk to people or the environment need to be removed from the shoreline
  • Many property owners are not sure if their seawall is approved or not
  • In some areas, softer engineering options such as groynes and sandbagging may be preferable to seawalls in the short to medium term
  • There is a need to clarify the requirements for property owners to make significant changes to seawalls with existing approvals, such as adding stairs

We’ve also added a series of Frequently Asked Questions to this page.

We are still listening. Review the draft planning outcomes and the frequently asked questions, then send your feedback to . Council will use your feedback to finalise the alignment and designs before submitting an Operational Works Development Approval to the State Government.

For property owners


Community consultation

Initial consultation has now closed. You can still register your interest to be involved in later stages of consultation and receive updates about the project by filling out the survey below.

Would you like to be involved in community consultation on the Beachmere Shoreline Management Project? Please provide some details and we will be in contact during the first half of 2021.

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