Consultation has now concluded for New District Park, Bray Park.

Council is currently finalising the detailed design for the park. Construction is expected to commence in mid 2023.

When Council sought community feedback between May 2021 and June 2021 on the concept plans for New District Park in Bray Park, the primary theme that emerged was the location of key amenities on the site. Locals told us they wanted to ensure privacy was maintained for the neighbouring residents of the park when considering the amenities building and multi-use court.

We responded to feedback by repositioning key infrastructure to reduce visibility and proximity to dwellings. Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principals were considered in the planning, with the amenities building centrally positioned within the park, a reasonable distance (90m), from the nearest residential dwelling while still retaining clear site lines. The multi-purpose court is over 50 metres away from the nearest dwelling and is positioned amongst established trees. The nature-inspired playground has been located amongst the existing trees to incorporate natural shade, and enhance the natural play setting.

Council would like to thank the local community for their valuable feedback and involvement in the consultation process. For information of this and other parks, please visit The Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Parks and Sporting Facilities.

Project Overview

Parks and open space play a critical role in providing recreation whilst promoting health and wellbeing for members of the community. In addition, parks provide intrinsic environmental and aesthetic values that also benefit the region.

This project originated because of increased development within Bray Park that, according to Council's Desired Standards of Service, requires additional playgrounds and open space to cater to the growth.

The park construction is intended to service the broader Bray Park community, and is anticipated to include:

  • A large all-ages nature inspired playground
  • Car parking
  • Public toilets, including additional equipment for high-needs care in ambulant toilet
  • Picnic facilities
  • Kickabout space


The new District Level Park is being planned as part of the development works located off Durham Crescent, south of Sovereign Avenue, Bray Park.

Location plan for the new District Level Park