Council is about to undertake a detailed design for a new District Level Park facility located in Bray Park. Parks and open space play a critical role in providing recreation whilst promoting health and wellbeing for members of the community. In addition, parks provide intrinsic environmental and aesthetic values that also benefit the region.

This project has originated as a result of increased development within Bray Park which according to Council's Desired Standards of Service requires additional playgrounds and open space to cater for this new growth.

The park construction is intended to service the broader Bray Park community and is anticipated to include:

  • a large playground with shade sails;
  • car parking;
  • amenities including a PWD;
  • picnic facilities;
  • kickabout space; and
  • passive recreation opportunities.


The new District Level Park is being planned as part of the development works located off Durham Crescent, south of Sovereign Avenue, Bray Park.

Location plan for the new District Level Park

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Council is seeking community input into the proposed concept plan for the new Bray Park District Park. Please complete the survey below by 4pm, Friday 18 June 2021.

The New District Park, Bray Park survey has now concluded