Council is proposing to upgrade Brennan Park, Bongaree on Bribie Island. Parks and open space play a critical role in providing recreation facilities that promote health and wellbeing for the community.

Brennan Park is a popular park for locals and tourists and the new facilities are intended to provide additional amenity for users. Some infrastructure in the park has reached the end of it’s service life so Council needs to give the park a facelift to make sure it continues to meet contemporary community expectations for a park of this type.

The project will also improve accessibility with enhanced paths and will improve planting areas to allow for root zones of the numerous mature trees that provide important shade and contribute to the parks character.

The park upgrade will include:

  • Replacement of the existing flying fox track ride with a new senior play element, other play units will all be retained;
  • Installation of new seating and playground walls;
  • Replacement of the old playground soft fall;
  • New picnic facilities;
  • Pathway upgrades for improved convenience and disability access compliance;
  • New planting and wider garden beds to allow for root zones of mature trees;

Council is aware that the ageing flying fox track ride is popular with children however, it has reached the end of its service life. This play element is intended to be replaced by an exciting new unit, suited to young teens. Council is considering the following replacement options for the flying fox track ride:

Option 1: Mobilus

The Mobilus is a seesaw swing that can move in multiple directions.



Option 2: Track Ride Tower

The Track Ride Tower consists of a track ride, climb net, platform and a pipe ladder.

Track ride tower

Track Ride Tower

Option 3: Giant swing with nest

The Giant Swing consists of a spacious swing basket that can move in multiple directions.

Giant Swing with nest

Giant swing with nest

Have your say

Council sought feedback on the on a suitable replacement unit for the flying fox track ride and on the preliminary concept plan for the upgrade to Brennan Park, Bongaree between Friday 30 April and Friday 21 May 2021.

Council would like to thank participants for their feedback and involvement in the community consultation process.

The Brennan Park upgrade, Bongaree survey has now concluded