What is the CRG?

The community reference group was created to help us dig deeper and understand what the community of Bribie Island values, so we can make informed decisions on your behalf.

It’s important to us that residents are involved in planning so we can provide greater transparency to our community. We will work together and incorporate community values into planning for your neighbourhood where possible.

Applications to join the CRG closed on 1 September 2023.

What did it require?

Members were required to attend three CRG workshops from late 2023. At the workshops, they worked with other group members to gather community insights into place values, issues and aspirations to inform future building design policies.

Application assessments

Moreton Bay City Council and members of the project consultant team assessed applications and selected community representatives based on the following criteria:

  • Representation: The applicant demonstrates personal or business connections to the Bribie Island area and/or participation in community groups or organisations with an interest in the study outcomes. The community representatives collectively represent the demographic diversity of the study area and a range of community perspectives.
  • Interest: The applicant demonstrates a genuine interest in the Coastal Buildings Design project and a commitment to work constructively towards positive community outcomes.
  • Engagement: The applicant demonstrates a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue with other community members who may have divergent views, share insights from their own experiences, and build awareness of the project across their local networks