Council is progressing the design of streetscape improvements for Elliott Street, Caboolture. The project aims to:

  • provide a safer environment for all road users with a strong focus on pedestrian safety
  • create a more attractive streetscape
  • reduce vehicle speeds and through traffic

Overview of improvements

The key improvements to be delivered include:

Re-prioritisation at the George Street/shopping centre intersection

To reduce confusion for road users, this intersection will be reconfigured to prioritise through movements on Elliott Street. This will include:

  • realignment of the existing medians
  • a dedicated right turn lane from Elliott Street into George Street/shopping centre
  • dedicated left and right turn lanes from George Street/the shopping centre into Elliott Street

New road pavement and markings

The road pavement needs repair. This provides the opportunity to improve and smooth the road surface, plus improve the road pavement markings by installing coloured pavement thresholds, with Elliott Street to become a 40km speed zone.

New traffic calming facilities

To help control traffic speed, medians (splitter islands), vehicle speed reducing platforms and raised pedestrian crossings will be installed.

Improved pedestrian and cyclist safety and street environment

To improve pedestrian connections and road user safety, new/wider pathways, kerb ramps at crossing locations, more street trees and a raised pedestrian crossing will be installed.

Community Engagement

Consultation on this project has concluded.

Council sought feedback regarding the Elliott Street improvements between Monday 8 February 2021 and Friday 26 February 2021. Council would like to thank participants for their feedback and involvement in the community consultation process.