Consultation has now concluded for the Haithi Park upgrades.

The Haithi Park upgrades were completed in July 2021. The park upgrades included a small local level playground, an access path, seating and plantings.

For information of this and other parks, please visit The Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Parks and Sporting Facilities.

Community input

Council sought feedback on the Haithi Park upgrades between 5 March and 1 April 2021. The community told us some of the key issues we should consider in the area were crime and safety, visibility and retaining rear access into properties for neighbouring residents into the park.

We responded to this feedback by putting in place landscaping that keeps the park assets and equipment in clear line of sight and retains the rear access from neighbouring residential properties.

Council would like to thank the local community for their valuable feedback and involvement in the consultation process.

Construction of the new playground was partly funded by the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCIP). The LRCIP funding enables Council to fast-track the delivery of almost $7.5 million worth of shovel-ready projects around the region, including construction of Haithi Park playground.