Redesigning the dirt jumps

Here at Council, creating vibrant and healthy communities is a priority.

We know the existing dirt jumps are well-loved, and keen users are often changing and manipulating jumps to better suit their needs. Unfortunately, some of the changes made by users mean the jumps do not meet safety requirements and Council regularly has to make adjustments.

Council wants to work with users to understand what is needed in this space so we can provide a facility that better meets these needs without all the extra earthworks by both Council and the users. We are also introducing a new scooter track that will require a small area of the dirt jumps to be adjusted.

We want to hear:

  • what experiences you want to have in the space
  • how we can best cater to varying rider abilities
  • your thoughts on the look and feel of the space
  • what comparable facilities you may have used and why this offering appealed to you

Your feedback will help us better meet the needs of the growing number of riders in City of Moreton Bay.

To provide your feedback, click on the ‘Have your say’ button below.

Consultation closed on 4pm Thursday 14 December 2023.

Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who completed the online community survey and took the time to visit the pop ups in the park in order to provide feedback on shaping the future of dirt jumps in H.T. Ireland Reserve.

This feedback provides the Parks and Recreation Planning team important insights of what is needed and desired in Eatons Hill and more widely in City of Moreton Bay.

Council will consider feedback alongside best practice design principles, site constraints, project budget and market quotes to determine what future plans can be designed and considered.

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