Council is responsible for identifying risks from natural hazards and providing strategic direction on planning, managing and responding to risks to infrastructure, communities and residents. In 2023, Council is reviewing its hazard risk assessments for multiple natural hazards including landslide, bushfire and flood. The review includes understanding how natural hazards and their impacts are expected to change because of climate change and how we can plan, prepare and respond.

Landslide hazard assessment

As part of our ongoing natural hazards planning program, Council is investigating the risks from landslide hazards in our region. This will help inform future planning and improve community resilience. The first step is to understand the history of landslides that have already occurred.

We believe landowners and community members have valuable local knowledge about our landscapes and how they have changed over time. Your local knowledge will help us better understand the risks associated with landslide hazards so we can plan for and manage those risks.

With your help, we can make our communities, infrastructure and assets more resilient to landslide hazards.

The results of this investigation will be used to improve our landslide hazard modelling and is essential to understanding our current risk so we can focus management efforts and guide future strategies. Once we have completed this risk assessment, we will start planning for the best ways to manage risks and improve community resilience. We will come back to the community to talk about those options.

Share your local knowledge with us

Share your knowledge of landslides on your property or a nearby property by completing this short survey before 30 April 2023. Alternatively, you can contact our Natural Hazard Planning Team to share any information you have.