Council is calling for community feedback on the proposed Local Laws we have prepared following extensive community and stakeholder input.

Whether you support or object to the proposed Local Laws, or parts within them, we want to hear from you!

As each submissions period closes, your feedback will be considered before the proposed Local Laws are finalised for consideration by Council and adopted.

Other Local Law matters will be released as they are drafted in the coming months.

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Review status

Proposed Local Laws currently open for consultation

Maintenance of Works in Waterway Areas

Proposed Local Law open for public comment. Submissions period closes 5:00pm Friday 31 March 2023

Status of other Local Law matters under review

Local Laws made prior to this review and currently in effect

Having your say

Having your say is simple

Step 1. Read the proposed Local Law and the explanatory notes on the matter you would like to comment on.

Step 2. Share your views with us by making a submission during the submissions period.

Please be aware that the proposed laws are being released for public comment progressively, this means the submissions periods will close at different times for different drafts.

Accessing the proposed Local Laws

You can read the proposed Local Laws online via this page (just click the links available in the 'Review status' tab).

Alternatively, you can view or purchase hard copies at our Customer Service Centers
If you wish to purchase a hard copy of the proposed Local Laws please phone (07) 3205 0555 or email and a member of our team will assist you to make payment, including collection or delivery. The cost of the documents will vary in accordance with Council’s standard fees and charges depending on which Local Law documents you request.

Background Info

Legislating for liveability

Council is undertaking the biggest review of its Local Law suite in our history. We are putting our Local Laws under the microscope to ensure our regulations consider the needs of our communities and evolve alongside the times.

Council’s Local Laws regulate a wide range of issues from animal-keeping and advertising signs through to festivals and parking. Who better to help shape these laws than the communities that will be regulated by them?

Last year we undertook extensive community engagement and this information has been informing our law drafting process. You can read the consultation summary of what we learned from more than 23,000 submissions, and how we are responding.

The review will see some of the existing laws repealed or refreshed to deliver contemporary regulations that help improve the liveability of our communities for everyone.

Stay informed

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