Council is experiencing rapid population growth which is increasing traffic demands on many roads throughout the region. To cater for the needs of the community, both now and into the future, Council is planning to upgrade key roads and intersections across the network, as part of the 10-year capital works program.

Council has identified the need to upgrade the intersection of MacDonnell Road and Victoria Avenue from a roundabout to a signalised intersection to improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists. This project also provides an opportunity to widen the verge along the frontage of the local shops on Victoria Avenue and incorporate streetscape improvements such as street furniture and landscaping.

The proposed intersection upgrade project also includes:

  • Signalised pedestrian crossings on each approach of the intersection
  • On-road bicycle lanes on each approach to the intersection
  • Two additional car parking spaces along the frontage of the local shops
  • New kerb ramps, street lighting, and landscaped medians
  • Upgrades to the underground stormwater network.

Community feedback and project status

Council sought community feedback on the proposed MacDonnell Road and Victoria Road intersection upgrade in June 2021.

In response to feedback received, Council has decided to defer this project, until at least the 2023/2024 financial year. In the meantime, we are reviewing the need for the project and determining if other modifications are required at the intersection to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Further community consultation will be undertaken before any changes are made to the intersection.

We would like to thank participants for their feedback and involvement in the community consultation process.