Morayfield South Emerging Community Area

The Morayfield South Emerging Community Area (Morayfield South) is comprised of approximately 900 hectares of mostly existing rural residential land located predominantly in the southern extents of the suburb of Morayfield.

In 2016, with the commencement of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme (the Planning Scheme), Morayfield South was included in the Emerging Community Zone - Transition Precinct as a future growth area.

It is anticipated the Morayfield South area will be the second largest future growth area in the City of Moreton Bay,

one day containing 9,800 dwellings and be home to approximately 26,000 people.

Morayfield South is currently under significant and increasing development pressure, with some development applications already proceeding as permitted under the Planning Scheme.

Planning, particularly for schools, parks, community facilities, sports grounds and local shops has been an ongoing concern for Council and residents in Morayfield South.

Responding to emerging matters

Council responded to significant and increasing development pressure in Morayfield South in 2021 by introducing the Temporary Local Planning Instrument No.01 of 2023 Morayfield South Emerging Community Area (TLPI). The TLPI includes a temporary land use plan for the area - this is referred to as an Interim Structure Plan.

A TLPI is a temporary planning solution that can be put in place quickly to guide better planning and development outcomes in all or part of a local government area. A TLPI allows Council time to complete more detailed planning investigations to shape a holistic, long-term plan for the area through the preparation of a planning scheme amendment.

The TLPI was effective for two years from 15 September 2021. Following approval from the State Government Planning Minister and a resolution by Council on 13 September 2023, the TLPI has been remade for a further two years.

The TLPI will continue to guide development of the area until 16 September 2025, or until a future planning scheme amendment is complete (whichever occurs sooner). While a planning scheme amendment is being prepared, the TLPI will help ensure the right planning controls are in place to:

  • deliver a well-planned, complete community
  • identify preferred locations for future social or community infrastructure and facilities
  • respond to character and amenity issues on the bordering rural residential areas
  • protect environmental areas.

The TLPI will apply to new development applications made from 16 September 2023 onwards.