Every day, Council makes decisions for the community, on behalf of the community. We know how important it is to get it right.

We want to continue to make informed decisions, backed up with current, real community opinions and aspirations. From planning our neighbourhoods to maintaining our roads and protecting our environment, the decisions we make affect how we all live, work and play now, and for decades to come.

Everyone who lives, works and plays in our region is invited to confidentially share their views and experiences with us - you can join the Moreton Says program at any time.

Surveys are done every few months to help us keep our finger on the pulse of our communities and allow us to gain insights on specific issues relating to key Council policies, plans and projects.

This is so important to us, we've partnered with Voconiq to collect, manage and understand the survey data. You can be sure your feedback will be managed independently and confidentially.

The surveys provide us with valuable insights into the things that matter most to our communities. We use the insights to inform our projects and are committed to continuing to use them as an evidence base for our future planning of the region.

The survey insights are not just for Council to use. We encourage you, our communities, to also use the results in your planning and decision-making.

Moreton Says involves doing surveys, data analysis, reporting back to community and using insights to inform decision making