Expression of Interest

We’re proud to be a richly diverse region of many places, communities and voices. We want to understand what’s important to you so we can plan to meet the needs and aspirations of all our communities.

Together, let’s all play a part in shaping our future.


Our Moreton Says surveys have highlighted that we have passionate communities who really care about our region and have lots of great ideas on how we can plan for a sustainable future.

Let’s keep these conversations going.

We want to hear from individuals who are willing to participate in, and share information about, consultation activities such as focus groups, forums, surveys and more, to provide valuable input into our projects and planning.

To ensure we have a broad cross-section across our diverse community, we’re looking for representation from those who want to share their experiences, members of community groups and special interest groups, or advocates who can speak on behalf of those who don’t always have a voice.

We want input from all our community - our First Nations people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, people from a non-English speaking background, those who have experienced homelessness, people with a disability, those who identify as LGBTIQ+, our youth, and our carers and volunteers.

We invite YOU to join Moreton Connects!

What’s involved

Council has a number of exciting projects coming up for consultation. We’re looking to set up a list of people that we can contact based on their areas of interest or where they live, for example. We are looking to build long-term relationships for ongoing feedback. Participants will receive information, have the opportunity to ask questions, and offer their views to inform how Council will plan for our region.

Participants will provide impartial and thoughtful advice to Council and need to:

  • Be solutions-focused and display a passion for collaboration
  • Be able to identify opportunities to improve
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

There will be a variety of projects and opportunities for community members to get involved. Each of these will have its own selection criteria relevant to the requirements of the project. You may be asked to provide further information when invited to participate for a specific project.


Community members can submit an expression of interest below at any time and will be contacted as relevant projects reach the engagement phase.

Moreton Connects - Expression of Interest

Please complete the details below and we will be in contact.

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