Consultation on the proposed naming of this park has now closed

Honouring a local family

Council received a request to name the park in recognition of the Scudamore family's contribution to the community.

Council provided provisional support for the name 'Scudamore Park" pending community consultation and is now considering submissions.

Long-term residents of the area dating back to 1917, Brian and Isabelle Scudamore owned and farmed the land that the park is proposed to be named on and were both active members of the Deception Bay Progress Association with Brian being Vice President for a number of years.

You can read more about the reasons for the proposed naming of Scudamore Park in Council's General Meeting Minutes 2 August 2023.

Between 21 August to 18 September 2023, Council invited community comment on the proposed name.

Consultation has now closed.

Naming Council’s assets

Council recognises the significant social value to the community of naming places, structures and assets under its direct control.

We see naming as important because it helps to create amazing places by:

  • identifying landmarks within the community
  • supporting wayfinding for locals, visitors and emergency services agencies
  • contributing to community belonging and place identity
  • reflecting and preserving the cultural and heritage values of the region.

Council undertakes naming in accordance with our Policy for Council-owned or administered public places, structures and other assets (excluding roads).

Next steps

All submissions received during the public consultation period will be considered before a final decision is made by Council on the proposed name. The matter will only return to the Council Chamber for consideration if there are non-supportive submissions through this consultation period. The final outcome of the process will be shared on this webpage.