Improving our outdoor signage

Council is enhancing our recreational signage used in parks and other outdoor spaces across Moreton Bay.

The new signs are designed to help you make the most of our parks and outdoor spaces.

We want to improve your experience by:

  • providing better directions as you move to and through these spaces
  • sharing interesting information about the area’s history and environment.

This project was identified as an opportunity in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Outdoor Recreation Strategy November 2021.

Grogan Road Park in Morayfield is a pilot site to test three types of signs:

  • Directional - signs that help people get to the park
  • Wayfinding - signs that help people find their way in the park
  • Informative - signs that share historical and environmental facts.

Tell us what you think of the signs via the short surveys below. It should only take 5 minutes to complete.

We will use your feedback to refine the design of the signs before they are rolled out across Moreton Bay.

Please help us ensure our amazing places and natural spaces are useable and enjoyable for all.

New sign survey