Design competition now underway

Council is inviting architects to put their best ideas forward for a new mixed-use facility at Suttons Beach. The project will deliver a new building with potential for hospitality spaces, public amenities for beach goers and rooftop public space. Council also invites landscape architects to participate to integrate the new building into the broader Suttons Beach Park area.

Council has engaged CityLab as the Professional Advisor for the competition. CityLab is planning and overseeing all aspects of the competition.

Registering to participate

To participate in the competition all competitors must first register. This can be done at Registrations will close on 11 December 2023.

CityLab will check registrations and notify competitors once their eligibility has been verified.

To be eligible, competitors must include a lead architect who is be able to register as an architect in Queensland pursuant to the Architects Act 2002, have had a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) for no less than 5 years and be registered for GST with the Australian Taxation Office.

A two-stage competition

The design competition will then involve two stages:

  • Stage 1 - Expression of Interest (Open Tuesday 14 November - Monday 18 December 2023)
  • Stage 2 - Concept Design Development (from early 2024).

Council consulted with the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) to ensure the competition process conforms with the AIA Architectural Competitions Policy and reflects industry best practice.

To deliver to the community the best concept design for the site, all submissions will be assessed by a jury of qualified and experienced architectural design experts. When the jury members are appointed, who they are will be published on this webpage.

A shortlist of competitors will be invited to submit concept designs in Stage 2. The shortlist is expected to be released in early 2024.

The competition winner is expected to be announced by mid-2024. Council will engage the competition winner to deliver the detailed design for new building and associated landscaping.