Improvements are on the way for Tilney Park

Council is excited to be enhancing the play and recreation facilities available at Tilney Park, Woodford. Moreton Bay Regional Council is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, and we need new community facilities to keep up with population demands.

Tilney Park is around 10,000m2 of public open space nestled amongst the trees near the centre of town. As Woodford grows we recognise the park and recreation facilities need to keep pace with community needs. Tilney Park is being upgraded to a “district level” standard which means more facilities for local community use!

The planned enhancements will build on what is already loved about the space to make it an even better place for local families to visit and play. This means the existing playground will be retained and expanded with additional equipment.

We are also planning to install an all-ages pump track. A pump track is different to the existing skate park and BMX track at Archer Street, which caters for more experienced riders and is used more for performing tricks. Pump tracks are very popular for families with young children who want to safely learn to ride scooters and bikes before moving to BMX tracks and skateparks that can require higher skill levels.

District parks typically also include public amenities to provide convenience for park users. As part of the design of the amenities Council will consider accessibility, security, and maintenance requirements.

To guide the upgrades, Council has prepared a high-level improvement plan that was informed by detailed site analysis and consultation with expert park designers. We expect this plan would be implemented in stages, with the first stage being the delivery of the pump track. All other enhancements would be delivered in future stages as funding becomes available. The timing for delivery of the pump track will be confirmed once the designs are more progressed.

Next steps

Between 18 April and 16 May 2023, we invited community feedback on the improvement plan. Consultation has now closed.

Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your views with us.

You can read about what the community told us in the Communication and Engagement Summary.

The final improvement plan will be made available on this page when it is completed.