Council is experiencing rapid population growth, which is increasing traffic demands on many roads throughout the region. To cater for the needs of the community, both now and into the future, Council is planning to upgrade key roads and intersections across the network as part of the 10-year capital works program.

Council has identified the need to upgrade the intersection of Torrens Road and River Drive to a signalised intersection due to the growth in traffic demands travelling along the Torrens Road / River Drive corridor, which has resulted in increased delays and potential safety issues at the intersection.

The upgrade will include:

  • Converting the existing priority intersection to a fully signalised intersection
  • Realigning the Torrens Road (west) approach to the intersection
  • The addition of traffic lanes to safely accommodate turning traffic
  • The addition of cycle lanes at the intersection
  • Pedestrian crossings on all three legs of the intersection

Community feedback

Council sought feedback on the concept design for the intersection upgrade between Friday 9 April 2021 and Monday 10 May 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated and provided feedback.

The intersection design has been refined based on feedback received during the consultation. The changes include:

  • Removing the bicycle lanes, left turn lane, and existing pathway on the northern side of Torrens Road (west) to reduce the intersection footprint and environmental impacts
  • Improving pedestrian safety by providing a single signalised crossing on Torrens Road (east), increasing the pedestrian waiting area on the northern side of the road, and installing a pedestrian fence along the northern side of the intersection
  • Improving cyclist safety by providing bicycle entry and exit ramps on River Drive / Torrens Road (east) either side of the traffic lights.

These changes will not impact the capacity or performance of the intersection. Click here to view the revised concept design.