Council is preparing Walking Network Plans (WNP) to improve the usability and experience of walkers, riders and other active modes of transport in Strathpine and Caboolture.

We want to plan better walking networks (paths) to key destinations of interest from shopping centres to public transport. We also want to understand how we can encourage inclusivity and accessibility as our region grows, so more people can get around by foot - or on wheels - with their friends, families and pets.

In February 2023, we sought feedback from key local stakeholders such as schools, hospitals and local businesses in the area to identify barriers and missing links in the existing network. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the surveys.

Input from the surveys is now being used in further consultations to workshop challenges, identify key infrastructure and suggest potential solutions for the routes.

The findings will help Council draft a program of future works for pathway improvements in Strathpine and Caboolture that enhances walkability in these communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Walking Network Plan (WNP) is a map of the main routes between key origins and destinations within a defined area. WNP’s identify where good walking infrastructure is needed including pathways, crossing locations, shade and shelter, seating and water bubblers.

Council is currently developing Walking Network Plans for the following areas:

  • Strathpine Regional Activity Centre
  • Caboolture Principal Regional Activity Centre

Refer to maps below showing these areas.

WNPs may be developed for other areas in the future.

Strathpine Regional Activity Centre

Caboolture Principal Regional Activity Centre

The WNP will be used to identify a program of project needed to improve walkability on the key routes.

Projects identified that are the responsibility of Council will be prioritised against other projects and works in the region. Priority projects will be added to Council’s capital works program for future delivery, subject to budget and other approvals.

The WNP’s for Strathpine and Caboolture are expected to be finalised by mid-2023. The projects identified as part of the priority works program may be funded in future years, subject to budget and other approvals.

Further information on walking network planning is is available on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website here.