A more accessible and inclusive Moreton Bay region

Adult change facilities enable people with high support needs and their carers to access public toilets in a dignified, hygienic, and safe way. They are larger than standard accessible toilets and are equipped with a range of specialised equipment, such as a height-adjustable change table, ceiling hoist, and peninsular toilet.

Increasing access to adult change facilities will make our region more accessible and inclusive by:

  • Assisting people with high support needs, their families, friends, and carers to go to more places, stay out longer and participate more equally in their community.
  • Promoting social inclusion and long-term health and well-being benefits.
  • Making more tourist destinations accessible to people with high support needs, their families, friends and carers.
  • Creating opportunities for businesses to benefit from increased visitation to the Moreton Bay region.

People with high support needs, their families, friends and carers have long advocated for greater access to adult change facilities in the Moreton Bay region. We heard this message loud and clear during community consultation for the development of our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, as well as consultation for our Community Wellbeing Strategy.

Next steps

We invited the community to complete a survey between 23 February 2023 and 31 May 2023 to help us understand how the delivery of adult change facilities can make Moreton Bay more accessible and inclusive, and the types of destinations where they are most needed.

Thank you to all those that provided valuable input.

We are currently analysing the results of this survey and will share a summary of the findings once they are finalised.