City of Moreton Bay supports vibrant communities and well-planned places, and through Moreton Says, we know neighbourhoods are important to people living in Deception Bay

Moreton Says told us:

  • 71% of respondents in Deception Bay, strongly agreed or agreed that they were proud of their place of residence. 24% were neutral and the remaining 5% either disagreed or strongly disagreed with this statement.
  • 80% of respondents in this community felt they had opportunities to engage with local businesses such as shops, markets, and restaurants, in comparison with 63% of respondents in the rest of City of Moreton Bay.

Overview of the project

Council has prepared a draft Improvement Plan to upgrade a section of Bayview Terrace's streetscape, opposite Deception Bay Library, where it meets Captain Cook Parade in Deception Bay.

The project aims to improve the pedestrian experience by enhancing the functionality and usability of the area.

The upgrades include:

  • new footpath and outdoor dining areas
  • new placemaking elements, including street furniture and footpath treatment installed at the intersection
  • additional trees and groundcover will be planted alongside the footpath, in the median and in planter boxes.
  • additional street furniture will be installed
  • a refreshed streetprint design will be painted on the intersection.

Indicative 3D modelling of the new streetscape

Colourful illustrations of the what the new upgrades will look like.

Key features of the upgrade

Have your say

Council is seeking feedback regarding the proposed streetscape design and street print imagery. Consultation is open until 4pm, Tuesday 4 June 2024.

What can you expect during construction work?

Things will look slightly different along Bayview Terrace while construction work is underway. You may see:

  • Temporary footpaths providing alternative access to businesses 
  • Temporary wayfinding signage 
  • Construction site fencing and mesh 
  • Construction machinery on site which may at times be noisy.