Better Council decisions mean better results for our communities

We all want a better future for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Moreton Says is a major engagement program Council delivers to bring the views of our communities into our planning and decision-making. It involves a series of region-wide surveys to better understand and keep track of the things that matter most to our communities.

Your input is used to help Council consider the diverse needs, values, views and aspirations of our communities.

Your input matters.

Explore the results

We are committed to sharing the results from the Moreton Says surveys.

The survey insights are not just for Council to use. We encourage you, our communities, to also use the results in your planning and decision-making.

The results are shared here soon after each survey closes. You can explore the results of all of the surveys via our Interactive Dashboard or download individual survey result reports below.

Interactive dashboard

Explore the results of the surveys in more depth by using our interactive dashboard to filter the data based on the things you are most interested in