Recommended names for new city and its suburbs revealed!

The administrative name ‘Caboolture West’ used in the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme and other planning documents is not a gazetted place name. With new communities emerging in this area, there is need for new names for the whole area (the city) and future suburbs within it.

Council’s community consultation process to name the new city is nearing its exciting end. On 16 March 2022, Council resolved to refer to the State Government for formalisation the recommended names for the city and four other suburbs within it, as well as the indicative suburb boundaries.

Map of potential future suburbs labelled with their recommended names.

See how these new potential future suburbs fit with the existing suburbs on a map.

Three names will be suggested to the State Government for the new city (in order of preference):

  • Moreton Valley
  • Waraba
  • Brightmore.

See FAQs on this page to read the meaning of each name.

Which one of these three names will ultimately become the city’s name will be determined as part of the State Government’s formalisation process under the Place Names Act 1994 and the name Waraba will not be considered without the endorsement of the Kabi Kabi Traditional Custodians.

The whole city and “city centre” suburb (potential future suburb 6) will share the same name, in the same way the Brisbane CBD services the City of Brisbane and the Ipswich CBD services the City of Ipswich.

Recommended names for the other four potential suburbs in the southern part of Caboolture West that mainly overlie parts of Upper Caboolture, Bellmere and Rocksberg are:

  • Lilywood (potential future suburb 1)
  • Wagtail Grove (potential future suburb 2)
  • Greenstone (potential future suburb 3)
  • Corymbia (potential future suburb 4).

See FAQs on this page to read the meaning of each name.

The recommended names are consistent with what the community told us they wanted; that is names that reflect the local environment foremost, followed by names that reference Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture.

The northern part of Caboolture West area contains another potential three suburbs mainly overlying parts of Wamuran, Bellmere and Moodlu that will be progressed for naming and formalisation in the future in line with growth and development demand.

Naming process

Recognising the critical relationship between people and the places they live, work and play, Council wanted the Caboolture West Place Naming Project to be community centric.

The Name Your Place community survey was used to collect name suggestions and to better understand community values, preferences and aspirations. These name suggestions were screened against Council’s Place Naming Criteria before the 160 names that met the criteria were presented to the Place Naming Committee for short-listing.

The Place Naming Committee, established through an expressions of interest process, was comprised of seven members: the local Councillor, two land developers, a historian, a Traditional Custodian and two members of the general public. It was chaired by Council’s CEO. The short-listed names were then provided to our Councillors and Mayor for their feedback.

To ensure the process was transparent and unbiased, the names of people who submitted suggestions and the number of times a name was suggested was never shared with the Place Naming Committee, Councillors or the Mayor.

Community input was also an important part of reshaping the existing suburbs to accommodate the new suburbs. Suburb Boundary Focus Groups, for which community participants were also selected through an expressions of interest process, were held to understand the preferred alignments of the new boundaries between existing and new suburbs considering perceptions of community identity and community values.

See how all the elements of the project fit together in the project program.

Next steps

As Council passes the baton to the State Government for their statutory formalisation process, we would like to thank all our community members who contributed to the process. Your suggestions, feedback and guidance have helped us to plan new suburb boundaries and select authentic place names for the city that has the potential to become tomorrow’s heartland of our region.

The State-led statutory formalisation process will consider the recommended names and boundary changes put forward by Council. The process includes a two-month community consultation period before the Minister for Resources will make the final decision. The Minister’s decision will be published on the Department of Resources website and recorded in the Gazetteer of Place Names, the official record of approved names recognised under the Place Names Act 1994.

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New city

Over the next 40 years, the Caboolture West area is expected to become Moreton Bay Region’s biggest emerging community containing a mixed-use city centre and a range of residential neighbourhoods.

In time, the new city will be home to approximately 70,000 residents making it comparable to the current size of the city of Mackay.

The new city will bring with it a host of business, employment, education and lifestyle opportunities, as well as a diverse range of housing options, and community and recreation experiences.

Place names are more than just addresses or tools to help navigate to locations; they can tell a story about the place and its people. The names for the new city will help support the establishment of liveable and desirable communities. Council wanted names that represent strong community identity; names people now and in the future can connect with and be proud to call home.