Centenary Lakes is one of the jewels of Moreton Bay. It’s just a bit dated. The 1970’s design has not stood the test of time, and some things are a bit worse for wear. Many of you told us about this in the Moreton Says survey.

It’s time to Revamp Centenary Lakes!

Our vision

Our vision is a vibrant, active parkland that draws people in.

We’re creating a parkland for a growing community. The Centenary Lakes Revamp will create new opportunities to enjoy the parkland in different ways.

Our parks are for everyone. We will improve access so everyone can enjoy Centenary Lakes.

Lakes renewal and upgrade

There are some problems with the lakes that we need to fix.

  • Poor water quality
  • Aging and eroded edges to the lakes
  • Stagnant pools of water
  • Algae blooms and aquatic weeds
  • A decline in habitat value for wildlife
  • Broken or inappropriate pathways, including poor accessibility
  • Litter accumulating in lakes.

Council has already completed some high priority works in and around the lakes. This includes improving access to the lakes for routine maintenance and reducing the amount of litter entering the lakes from urban runoff. We’ve already installed the first stage of an improved pumping system to draw water from the Caboolture River.

The lakes renewal and upgrade work will:

  • Improve water quality and create a more natural flow of water through the lakes system
  • Improve access to paths and bridges, including for people with a disability
  • Reduce water contamination by litter and wildlife
  • Stabilise the banks of the lakes to stop erosion
  • Improve access for maintenance work.
Recreation precinct planning

Centenary Lakes is a major regional sports and recreation area. It is used by people from all over Moreton Bay, and even further.

Our community has changed since the park was built in the 1970’s and it doesn’t meet all of our needs anymore. We’re making sure it has the facilities our community needs, now and into the future.

We’re developing new plans for the parkland which will include:

  • Enhanced active transport links
  • Making pedestrian areas more accessible and inclusive
  • Creating new pedestrian links to the Caboolture town centre
  • New and improved passive recreation areas
  • Upgrades to sports and recreation facilities.

We will start consultation next year to make sure the revamped Centenary Lakes meets the needs of the community, clubs and competition organisers.

Lake renewal work is expected to start construction in 2022. Recreation precinct planning will take longer and will be implemented over several years.

Interactive Map