Council is exploring ways we can bring you the best cultural experiences through our galleries, libraries, museums and events.

'Vibrant communities' is a key focus of our 2022-2027 Corporate Plan. This means we're committed to ensuring our cultural facilities, services and programs are both valuable and accessible to our communities.

Through our Moreton Says surveys we have learned a lot about your thoughts toward our arts and cultural programs. We heard that you enjoy arts and culture in all its forms, however, there are some barriers to you participating in these types of offerings.

The Creative Communities Engagement Program, led by local artists, was developed to better understand how we can continue to deliver arts and cultural experiences that excite and inspire you.

Community Consultation

From April to June 2023, several free events designed to excite and inspire all ages were delivered throughout Moreton Bay. Council spoke to community members to find out about the experiences you have loved, or ones you’d like to see more of.

You can read about what we heard in the Engagement Summary Report.


27 May, 2023

OPF says:

A better booking system as it does not show details of events.

27 May, 2023

OPF says:

More green energy workshops

27 May, 2023

OPF says:

First story telling sign posting in local areas also including the adoption of Turbul names in street and suburbs.

9 May, 2023

emmareyes8673 says:

I would love to see more of hand crafted merchandise. Like the Aboriginal or Torres Strait’s products that can be made or used fashionably.

6 May, 2023

A A A says:

Better access to information- the website is terrible for looking up what’s on. Stuff outside of the galleries and in communities.

24 April, 2023

Eggo1 says:

Giant screens that could be changed to have interesting digital exhibitions

16 February, 2023

TheresaFullerton says:

Immersive experiences rather than one off sessions. Eg. a 10 week crochet course. A 3 month - learn to knit program. A 6 week mural/wall art

11 February, 2023

LCuser says:

Events in the Hills district! This is a fairly large area with mostly dense population but it is starved of arts and creative events.

10 February, 2023

wildchild says:

Multicultural festivals, outdoor music, arts and theatre

10 February, 2023

wildchild says:

Live events like musicals

10 February, 2023

wildchild says:

Learn a language, take dancing lessons

10 February, 2023

wildchild says:

First Nations history storytelling. Wild flower walks.

This project is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Moreton Bay Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

This project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through State Library of Queensland.