Planning investigations for future growth

Council is planning for our city's future growth. As part of this, we are developing a long-term vision for land in Narangba East. Planning will be undertaken over multiple phases to investigate the suitability of the area to support future urban development.

Narangba East's strategic location, including proximity to major transport infrastructure, means the area has the potential to cater for additional employment/industrial and residential uses to accommodate future growth. This does not assume all land within the area will be suitable for future urban development whether residential or employment/industrial uses. This will be established through the investigations and with consideration of surrounding land uses, regional land supply needs, community feedback, available or planned infrastructure, site-based environmental values and other constraints.

Council has started working on the Narangba East Planning Investigations to:

  • deliver a well-planned, complete community
  • identify preferred locations for a centre and retail services, parks and recreational facilities, roads and movement connections
  • protect environmental corridors
  • provide better transparency and certainty of development outcomes for the community.
A long-term plan for Narangba East will be achieved in three phases:

Council will undertake technical studies focused on potential urban land use options and feasibility for the Rural Residential Investigation Area.

Studies will investigate the extent of future urban uses and the potential for employment land in this area to establish a long-term land use direction.

Council will also prepare a Precinct Plan to guide urban development for a future residential neighbourhood and centre. The precinct plan will cover the area currently in the Emerging Community Zone, Interim Precinct located east of Narangba Station.

Phase 1 planning will inform aspects of Council's New Planning Scheme and further detailed planning in Phase 2.

Subject to the outcomes in Phase 1, Phase 2 will focus on detailed land use, environmental and infrastructure planning work to prepare an Integrated Structure Plan to guide long-term growth in the area.

Council will prepare planning scheme amendments to implement the structure plan and other policy directions prepared in Phase 2.

Council will be seeking input from the community at key milestones throughout the project. To be notified about opportunities to have your say, click the +Follow button on the top left of this page.