Shape the future of Morayfield

Moreton Bay Regional Council has recently started a new neighbourhood planning project, the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan. The project investigation area includes parts of Caboolture South, Morayfield and Upper Caboolture. The area excludes the Caboolture West and Morayfield South growth areas which are being addressed through separate planning processes.

The Neighbourhood Plan area is projected to grow by 15,900 people by 2041 which will bring the population to 49,200 residents. In developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area, Council is aiming to better guide growth and development in a way that helps protect the things that make this neighbourhood unique.

As this purpose suggests, neighbourhood plans address localised planning matters that can be changed or improved through regulating new development (typically over a 5 to 10+ year timeframe). Growth in existing neighbourhoods is inevitable and Council has identified there is a need to examine and engage with the community in the Morayfield area on how we accommodate growth, while also promoting local character and creating better places at a local level.

For more information about neighbourhood planning refer to the FAQs.

Project status - September 2022

We kicked off this project by asking the community what they love about the Morayfield area and what Council should focus on as the area grows and develops.

Between Tuesday 19 April until Monday 30 May 2022, people who live, work or visit the area were invited to participate by:

  • Completing the community survey
  • Dropping a pin on the map
  • Attending one of our pop-up displays
  • Nominating to be part of the Community Reference Group

We received more than 200 survey responses and 190 pins on our online map. We also interacted with over 400 people across 14 pop-up displays. Thank you to everyone who got involved and took the time to share with us your views and ideas about your neighbourhood.

This was the first phase of community engagement to inform the Neighbourhood Plan. Information gathered during this step will help build our understanding of the area and ensure we develop a neighbourhood plan that considers the needs and interests of the community.

Before we move on to the next phase, we wanted to let you know what we heard from you during this first round of consultation. Please refer to our Engagement No. 1 Summary for this insight.

It is important to recognise the neighbourhood planning process as part of a broader suite of potential responses to community and development issues. Planning matters that require a consistent approach across the region will be considered through topic specific projects such as the Secondary Dwelling Review.

While some other projects may be best suited to address some of the feedback received, we will continue to consider what you told us as the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan project progresses.

Community input is an important part of the neighbourhood planning process. There will be more opportunities for you to have your say as the project progresses.

What's next?

We will be using the insights from the first round of community engagement with the Community Reference Group to develop a vision for the area and strategies to help us get there. Stay tuned to the project webpage for the minutes from our CRG meetings.

We encourage you to register for project updates to say informed by clicking the "Follow" in the top left hand corner of this page.

Community Reference Group

Expressions of interest to join the CRG were invited between Tuesday 19 April until Monday 30 May 2022.

A Community Reference Group (CRG) is a group of people who have an interest in the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan area, such as a business owner, property owner or someone who works or lives in the area. They will provide local knowledge and input on a range of matters in the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan area to help Council set a vision for the area and strategies to help us get there.

Specifically, the CRG will:

  • receive briefings on the purpose and process of neighbourhood planning
  • advocate, promote and facilitate the flow of information between the local community and Council
  • work closely with Council to ensure community concerns and aspirations regarding growth and development are understood and considered
  • provide advice and innovation to help formulate solutions to contribute to the vision, strategies and priorities for the neighbourhood plan
  • monitor and represent community views regarding local issues, impacts and benefits
  • provide information about the neighbourhood plan to other community members including how community input has influenced the vision, strategies and priorities for the neighbourhood

Members for the CRG have been appointed. For more information about the members, download the CRG members profile.

More detail on the discussions and key outcomes of the CRG is available in the meeting notes:

Meeting notes will be made available on the website as they occur.

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