The Morayfield Neighbourhood Planning project aims to better guide growth and development in a way that helps protect the things that make this neighbourhood unique. The project investigation area includes parts of Caboolture South, Morayfield and Upper Caboolture.

We are currently preparing a draft Morayfield Neighbourhood Planning Future Directions Report based on our research, community feedback and the input from the Community Reference Group. This Future Directions Report will be a supplementary planning document that details a vision, strategies and actions to help guide future development in the area.

Alignment with ShapingSEQ

The South-East Queensland Regional Plan (ShapingSEQ) is the Queensland Government’s plan to shape South-East Queensland’s future growth. Since the commencement of the Morayfield Neighbourhood Planning project, the Queensland Government has undertaken a targeted review of the regional plan to respond to current housing pressures, significant growth and other events South-East Queensland (SEQ) has experienced since 2017.

On 3 August 2023, the draft ShapingSEQ Update was released for public consultation and the final ShapingSEQ 2023 was released by the Queensland Government on 15 December 2023.

ShapingSEQ 2023 outlines a need for Moreton Bay to accommodate an additional 308,300 people and 125,800 more dwellings by 2046. ShapingSEQ 2023 was primarily prepared in response to the housing challenges in SEQ. It has a focus on providing housing choice through density and diversity in well-located and serviced areas like Morayfield.

Council has taken additional time to consider what adjustments could be made to ensure alignment with the direction of ShapingSEQ 2023 before we undertake community consultation on the draft report.

Community Consultation

Community input is an important part of the neighbourhood planning process. There will be an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the draft Future Directions Report once it is prepared. Community consultation on the draft Future Directions Report is expected to take place in mid-2024.

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City of Moreton Bay launched the Morayfield Neighbourhood Planning project in April 2022. The project investigation area includes parts of Caboolture South, Morayfield and Upper Caboolture. The area excludes the Caboolture West and Morayfield South growth areas which are being addressed through separate planning processes.

The Neighbourhood Planning project area is projected to grow by 15,900 people by 2041 which will bring the population to 49,200 residents. Through the Neighbourhood Planning project, Council is aiming to better guide growth and development to help protect the things that make this neighbourhood unique.

As this purpose suggests, neighbourhood planning addresses localised planning matters that can be changed or improved by regulating new development (typically over a 5 to 10+ year timeframe). Growth in existing neighbourhoods is inevitable and Council has identified a need to examine and engage with the community in the Morayfield area on how we accommodate growth, while also promoting local character and creating better places at a local level.

For more information about neighbourhood planning refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

What you have told us

We kicked off this project by asking the community what they love about the Morayfield area and what Council should focus on as the area grows and develops.

Between Tuesday 19 April and Monday 30 May 2022, people who live, work or visit the area were invited to participate by:

  • completing the community survey
  • dropping a pin on the map
  • attending one of our pop-up displays
  • nominating to be part of the Community Reference Group (CRG).

Please refer to our Engagement No. 1 Summary to find out more about what we heard from you.

During the next phase Council met with the CRG four times between September and November 2022. During these meetings, insights from the first round of community engagement were used to develop a draft vision for the area and draft strategies to help us get there. Click on the Community Reference Group tab for more information about these meetings.

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group was formed to provide local knowledge and input to help inform the development of the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan Future Directions Report.

The CRG consisted of community members who have an interest in the Morayfield Neighbourhood Planning project area. Members were appointed through an expression of interest process, which was open from 12 July to 8 August 2021. For more information about the members, download the CRG member profile.

Across four meetings, between September and November 2022, the CRG worked with Council to develop a draft vision for the area and strategies to help us get there.

More detail on the discussions and key outcomes of the CRG is available in the meeting notes:

Council recognises and thanks the CRG members for the valuable contribution they have provided to the neighbourhood planning process.

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