Moreton Bay Regional Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Kallangur-Dakabin.

The area is projected to grow by 10,400 people by 2041 which will bring the population to 35,700 residents. Council is committed to guiding growth and development while considering the things that make this neighbourhood unique through a Kallangur-Dakabin Neighbourhood Plan.

A neighbourhood plan is a supplementary planning document that details a vision and strategies to help guide future development in an area or on particular matters. It will take about two years to develop and after it is finalised there will likely be changes made to the MBRC Planning Scheme to reflect relevant aspects of the neighbourhood plan and introduce more locally specific development assessment criteria. For more information about Neighbourhood Planning refer to the FAQs.

Project Update - July 2022

We kicked off this project in July 2021 by asking the community what they love about the Kallangur-Dakabin area and what Council should focus on as the area grows and develops.

Between 12 July and 8 August 2021, people who live, work or visit the area were invited to participate by:

  • Completing the community survey
  • Dropping a pin on the map
  • Attending one of our pop-up displays
  • Nominating to be part of the Community Reference Group

Please refer to our Engagement No. 1 Summary to find out more about what we heard from you during this first round of consultation.

The next phase involved meeting with the members appointed to the Community Reference Group (CRG). Council met with the CRG three times between November 2021 and June 2022. During these meetings, we used the insights received from the first round of community engagement to work together to develop a draft vision for the area and draft strategies to help us get there. Click here for more detail on the discussions and key outcomes of the CRG .

What's next?

We are now preparing a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan based on our research, the community feedback received and the discussions and feedback from the CRG.

Community input is an important part of the neighbourhood planning process. There will be an opportunity for the community to view and provide feedback on the draft Neighbourhood Plan once it is prepared.

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