The Kallangur-Dakabin Future Directions Report has been finalised thanks to your feedback.

You can now view our plan to help guide growth and development in Kallangur-Dakabin, after Council endorsed the Future Directions Report and Attachments at its General Meeting on 22 November 2023.

We have worked with the community to create a report that establishes our shared vision, strategies and actions for the area, while considering the things that make this neighbourhood unique.

Community feedback

We invited community feedback on the draft Future Directions Report between 26 April and 25 May 2023.

After considering community feedback and other factors such as an informal State Interest Review and the draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update, Council has now endorsed the Future Directions Report. You can read about what the community told us, and Council's response, in the Engagement Response Report.

Next steps

The Future Directions Report will inform updates to the Planning Scheme and other Council actions to support the vision and intended outcomes for the area.When changes are proposed to the Planning Scheme there will be another chance to have your say as part of the statutory planning scheme amendment process. To learn more about the amendment process click here.


The Kallangur-Dakabin area is projected to grow by 10,400 people by 2041 which will bring the population to an estimated 38,000 residents.

Council is committed to guiding growth and development while considering the things that make this neighbourhood unique through the Kallangur-Dakabin Neighbourhood Planning project.

The first output of the project was the draft neighbourhood planning future directions report. A future directions report is a supplementary planning document that details a vision and strategies to help guide future development in an area or on particular matters. The report will be used to inform future outputs from the project, such as informing changes to the Planning Scheme and other Council projects and initiatives.

Any changes to the MBRC Planning Scheme will likely reflect relevant aspects of the report and introduce more locally specific development assessment criteria. For more information about neighbourhood planning refer to the FAQs.

What you told us in the earlier phases

We kicked off this project in July 2021 by asking the community what they love about the Kallangur-Dakabin area and what Council should focus on as the area grows and develops.

Between 12 July and 8 August 2021, people who live, work or visit the area were invited to participate by:

  • Completing the community survey
  • Dropping a pin on the map
  • Attending one of our pop-up displays
  • Nominating to be part of the Community Reference Group

Please refer to our Engagement No. 1 Summary to find out more about what we heard from you during this first round of consultation.

The next phase involved meeting with the members appointed to the Community Reference Group (CRG). Council met with the CRG three times between November 2021 and June 2022. During these meetings, we used the insights received from the first round of community engagement to work together to develop a draft vision for the area and draft strategies to help us get there. Click here for more detail on the discussions and key outcomes of the CRG .

Using the feedback gathered from the community as well as input from the CRG, we developed the draft Future Directions Report. Between 26 April and 25 May 2023, we invited community feedback on the draft Future Directions Report. Feedback could be provided by completing the online feedback form, answering online quick poll questions or making a written submission. Pop-up events were held to raise awareness and provide information about the draft Future Directions Report and Council also offered bookable sessions with the planning team.

Please refer to the Engagement Response Report to find out what we heard during the consultation period, and Council’s response.